Key Success Factor

     In recent years, energy demands are rising while a price of petroleum is increased more and more. Moreover, the waste management industry is becoming increasingly important and significantly contribution to and environment worth living in. Napatr Group therefore focuses on ecological reasonable and cost-effective recycling “renewable energy” from liquid waste.We strive to develop process and improve its efficiency of waste treatment & recycling (including waste marine oil) into international-standard renewable fuel oil for end-users in all industries.

     We act responsibly, socially and ecologically and conduct highest-level standard of practices and obligation of waste management and waste treatment & recycling in accordance to regulations of government and requirements of private corporates.

Core Competency

     Napatr Group has set ourselves the goal of “one-stop service”: starting from logistics of liquid waste, waste treatment & recycling until delivering of the renewable fuel oil to our customers.Napatr Group goes one step further and pursues 100% waste treatment with recycling a highest percentage of waste. This makes Napatr Group to be one of very few companies in the country who are granted by Thai government for a business license on marine oil waste treatment.

     We have been continually improving our skills and making investments to be able to offer the best service to our valuable customers.With all of the above, it results in good reputation of Napatr Group and gaining long loyalty from our customers.

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Look Beyond

     Our priority is to meet the requirements of our customers with flexibility. We have set ourselves the goals of quickly and precisely providing our customers with comprehensive services. We guarantee our high-quality products for today and for tomorrow.